About Us

We're a small close knit group, consisting of family members and very close friends.

Our passion for all things paranormal has grown from an early age.

We started attending organised investigations many years ago, but always seemed to come away feeling something was missing..... Believe me, this wasn't lack of activity.

I personally felt some groups didn't have our interests at heart. So I thought I'd get together with my guys and put in what we felt was missing.

Past Life Paranormal was born ....

My name is Paul. I'm the founder of Past Life. It's been my ambition to bring my passion of all things unexplained forward, and share them with others. My day to day life couldn't be more different. I'm a Firefighter with North Wales Fire and Rescue.

I live in a small town on the Welsh borders. Ideally located to travel around. I look forward to meeting you all very soon

I’m Karen and became involved in 2014 after meeting my partner and being constantly bombarded by him demonstrating his new ghost hunting equipment and raving about his experiences at PLP events. So in the spirit that if you can’t beat them join them, I listened harder, soaked up as much of his knowledge that I could and joined the team. I am a strong believer in offering the best level of service possible and have also been appointed to the committee of the British Paranormal Association, an organisation aiming to raise standards within the paranormal community

Hi my name is Sandie. For almost my whole life I have been drawn to the science and experiences of the paranormal world, attempting to gain insight and awareness, using divination, scientifical approach, philosophical and methological considerations. I have strong beliefs in the paranormal world through experiences I cannot explain. Strongly seeking the knowledge of  the unknown. I hope you can join me on my journey by attending one of our upcoming events

Hi I'm Pete.  I'm a retired car dealer. I have been inspired over many years by unexplained events, which I can only explain as being guided by  spiritual intervention. I started attending events Last year with Paul and the Past Life team, and have not looked back since. So many unanswered questions are beginning to unfold. I welcome you to join me on my path into the unknown.

Hi my name is Val. I have always had a great interest in all things paranormal stemming back to experiences I had as a young child. I'm fascinated in both spiritual and scientific realms of the paranormal, I have been involved a lot of investigations over many years and feel very honoured to be part of PLP

Hi. My name is Dee. I have been seeing spirit from a young age. I have attended many paranormal investigations and I have a great passion for the spirit world. I would like to develop my knowledge further. Thank you to the plp team for giving me this opportunity.

Hi my names dave I've been interested in the paranormal since a child , I had a few experiences as a child and as I grew up I decided to join a open circle to explore my mediumship , in the last 8 years I have opened up to the spirit world and now work as a psychic medium and I also do two types of healing and become a ordained minister which I feel lucky to be part of a great group , I hope to bring my skills to help on investigations with past life paranormal , I feel really priveliged to be part of a genuine paranormal group