The original Shrewsbury Prison,

built in 1793 was named after Rev Edmund Dana and is known locally as “The Dana”.

This current prison built in replacement of the original, was constructed in 1877 and closed in 2013.

The site bore witness to countless executions, the last public hanging took place in 1863,  drawing an insanely large crowd of bystanders who, in those days, saw public hangings as a form of entertainment.

The last execution was conducted within the prison walls in 1961.

In 1972, during redevelopment, workmen discovered the remains of 10 inmates buried within the grounds who would have been executed on site. Most bodies would have been buried within the grounds in unmarked graves at Shrewsbury Prison. It is with this and its many thousands of criminals who have entered through its doors over the years (and the many who never left) that make this an intense place to go ghost hunting!