Fronfraith Hall is a mid-Victorian house in the historic parish of Llandyssil in the shire area of Montgomeryshire in Powys.

The present house was built in 1863 under the supervision of the Shrewsbury architect James Pickard.

This house replaced a large house, probably a half-timbered Tudor mansion, which had been the home of the Morgan family.

In 1966, the west wing of the Fronfraith Hall was badly damaged as the result of a fire, but has now been restored.

 The first family to be associated with Fronfraith were the Morgans. Richard Morgan who lived at Fronfraith, was elected MP for Montgomery Boroughs in 1592–3. He was married to Margaret Lloyd, daughter of Thomas Lloyd of Gwernabuarth, in Llandyssil. His third son Robert Morgan (1608–1673) in 1660 became Archdeacon of Merioneth in 1660 and was consecrated Bishop of Bangorin 1666.

In the 18th century Fronfraith had passed to the Jones family. A notable member of the family was Rear Admiral Sir Charles Thomas Jones (1778–1853). Jones saw distinguished service in the Royal Navy and was knighted in 1809. He was High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire 1832.

A fine memorial to the Admiral is in Montgomery Church, where he is buried. After his death the new house was built, probably by Captain Maurice Jones, who was living there in 1868.

A family dispute then arose and on the order of the Court of Chancery the Fronfraith Estate was put up for sale, and was sold at auction as single lot.

The Fronfraith Estate was acquired by Charles Whitely Owen, who was High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire in 1887.

In 1918, following the death of Charles Whitely Owen the Estate passed to Gilbert Saltoun Jones, who, on inheriting, changed his name to Gilbert Whitely Owen. On his death in 1926, the Estate was inherited by Captain and Mrs Cordeaux. They were to put it up for auction September 1931 and it was sold, with exception of the Waterloo Public House to John Crawford Allen of Croydon.

The Hall itself has not been publicly investigated. 

On speaking to the owner and visitors to the hall, we heard stories of activity ranging from strange noises heard, knocking noises, and even an individual waking during the night to the sight of a figure looming over the end of the bed.

Past Life Paranormal were contacted and asked to investigate this remarkable place.