Mill Street Barracks

A summary of our investigation at Mill Street Barracks 19th February 2016




We split up into two groups and dispersed to each end of the building.




Paul and Sally’s group started in the cellar


Room one Far end of the cellar – left hand side


The group started with a call out session which brought some interesting noises into the room along with objects being thrown into the group. Upon further investigation these objects were found to be a wood screw and small stones.  Some tapping responses on the walls were heard from the far end of the room. Some board work was carried out to which one of the members of the group had some very personal information in response to questions. During this time this person became overcome by emotion and was removed from the board in order to recover.


Room two – the old morgue


Some further board work was carried out without much result. During quiet time afterwards, a piece of wood was dropped from a small height.. we determined this after some experimentation with dropping the wood from varying heights and reproducing the sound.  We commenced with some table tipping, using a large heavy metal framed table, this resulted in team leader  Paul being pinned up against the wooden post.  This concluded the first session in the cellar.




Session two started in the first floor classrooms – the rope room.


The group used the Echovox with only slight responses  At this point we moved up to the top floor dormitory.


Upon suing the board again, we made further contact with the same group members relative from the cellar. This included answering personal questions from the individual who at this point was not on the board.




Susie, Sandie and Karen’s  group started in the first floor classrooms – Rope Room.  We started with some board work and contacted a male aged 33 who didn’t stay with us for long enough to get any further information.  After a short while we moved into the adjoining classroom and started using the Echovox. We had small disjointed responses but nothing resembling a sentence or obviously relevant to any of the questions we were asking.  At one point Karen felt a tightening of chest and shortness of breath with co-incided with the Rempod activating in the corner behind her. After a further quiet period we decided to end the session in the top floor dormitory where there has been reports of much activity at pervious investigations.  Apart from a vigorous reaction from the Rempod which had been placed on one of the top bunks there was no further activity and we retired to the base room for a break.




Session two  - cellars


We started this session in the morgue with some board work.  We made contact with a Mr Owen who refused to give us his first name but asked us to call help. we couldnt get anything else from him and he broke contact. 


We moved to the furthest cellar on the left and decided to give table tipping a go.  We had great success with our small table which started moving immediately we touched it and buoyed up by our success moved on to the heavy metal framed table that was already in the room again with immediate success.  We decided to try some more board work and made contact with a Thomas who repeatedly misspelled his name.  We had a long question and answer session getting lots of information including his age of 89, passed in 2007, was a soldier in the second world war, he told us to f**k off several times and made lots of random movements around the board. After some persuasion, he told us he was a betting man and that his wife didn’t like it and her name was betty.  At this point two of the group recognised tommy (as he was known by them) as being the grandfather of one of them and the father in law of the other.  All of the information he had given was correct to the best of their recollection. After some further conversation with Tommy we decided to break.




Session three – Cellar with the whole group.


We went into the middle room on the right, placed a Rempod by the door, and started the session with automatic writing. After a slow start, Paul asked the spirit to replicate the image he was projecting the writer started with what appeared to be a pentagram star then became a semi-circle and straightened in a box..  Paul confirmed his first thoughts were of a square but within a couple of seconds a strong star image came into his mind. The Rempod was very active during the start of the session. Whilst the Rempod was very active and we were still on the writer, a bauble was thrown toward the group from the corner of the cellar. We asked spirit to do this again without further incident.  We moved onto the rear of the cellar where successful table tipping took place for the last session of the evening.




Throughout the evening we had locked off cameras and portable cameras in several rooms along with trigger objects.  The footage is yet to be examined