The park hotel doors opened on what became the Regents Park Estate in 1895.
There are many rumours about deaths of builders and hotel workers, and speculation about Parks involvement in the Occult.
The building fell quiet for a couple of years being purchased in 1899 by Thomas Baxter and John Robert Fisher, for the sum of £14,000. 
Further misfortune beset the Park Hotel and due to bad publicity from a series of deaths, the property was once again closed in 1905.
After undergoing several changes of hand through several breweries the hotel closed and has been abandoned for over three years. 

Many spirits have been reported and sighted throughout the hotel, including builders, soldiers, and past guests who have all met their end around this building. 

Past Life Paranormal have access to the entire building for the evening. Giving you the opportunity to join us in our investigation. 
Not only that...... For the very brave amongst you, you have the chance to stay over night with us. Sleeping in some of the rooms that are still available. These are very limited and will be on a first come first served basis. There will be an additional cost for a room dependent on the size of room you choose. Please message a team member for availability and room prices.