Pen Y Lan Hall

The house is said to date from around 1690.

 it was remodelled in 1830, and was purchased in 1854 by Thomas Hardcastle of the cotton manufacturing firm  Ormrod and Hardcastle.

It was enlarged and altered later in the century. although most of these additions were demolished during the 1950s.

 The Ormrod family have owned Pen-y-Lan Hall since the nineteenth century, and to this day sits in a 1,000-acre (400 ha) estate.

The building was made Grade II listed on 22 February 1995.

 In 2011 Pen-y-Lan Hall was the subject of a Channel 4 television documentary presented by hotelier Ruth Watson as part of her Country House Rescue  series.


Poltergeist activity has said to have been experienced here.   Objects have often disappeared without a trace only to reappear in a different location. In one of the old servants rooms an ominous presence is often felt, t so strong that some people have been afraid to venture in alone.

 In another room pictures have been moved around on the wall.  Objects have been thrown to the ground and more. 

A child was potentially saved from drowning whilst playing by the river that runs through the estate by a figure that appeared on a bridge.  After moving from possible danger, the child looked up again but the mysterious watcher had gone.

Recordings have been made from here which captured a Childs voice and strange music.  Apparitions of strange figures  have been photographed peering from the windows.