The Vernon Institute in Saughall Chester was built between the 18th and 19th centuries

It was given to the villagers around 100 years ago.

It dates back to Tudor times, with the clock tower being erected in 1919 in memory of T J Vernons death.

It has been used vastly throughout its time, in various different ways,

including being a Hospital during the war, opening its doors to the injured soldiers.

It was also used as a public baths, where people could come and pay to take a bath. This would be a common event, with people paying up to 4d depending if you had your own towel.

There has been many ghostly goings on reported over the years.

People being pushed, touched, or even blown on. There's also reports of a "cheeky spirit" who likes to move and hide items around the building.

Past Life Paranormal Have visited this venue on a number of occasions. Each time bringing us back for more.....