Vernon institute


Hi everyone, here is a synopsis of our investigation at Vernon Institute on 5th December 2015


Group One with Karen & Susanna. !st session in the small hall.
We got a lot of activity on the board, making contact with a young boy of around 3 years old, he tapped on Kays chair on request and told us via the board that he was 3 years old, there were 6 ...other children with us, 4 girls and 2 boys. He said his parents worked there and pointed them out on a photograph on the wall as the last man and woman on the right hand side top row. He said he had a baby sister and wanted to play with our trigger ball. This was moved a couple of inches whilst we were on a break.

2nd session in the small hall
We were in contact with another child, he said his mother was also there, her name was Olivia aged 48, he was called Rob. He said his father was also there whose name was Albert and he and his mother were both frightened of him.
3rd Session left hand side dance Studio
The table tipping was very successful in here each time, even moving slightly when we just hovered our hands over it with no contact.
The human pendulum made contact with Helen ( which spooked our Helen as she was the pendulum) aged 69 who died in 1966 and lived with her husband in the village. She said her husband murdered her children and was hanged for it. The bodies of the children had not been found.


Group Two with Andy & Sally
There was contact made with a Tom & Nerys with the years 1936 and 1938 being mentioned. Nerys was a nurse who was abused, possibly raped. Tom seemed to like Fay..
During the course of the evening the group formed a circle and were lead by spirit to the attic and ladies toilets, where Gemma and Kat had previously seen a shadow. Gemma was slammed into a door leading to the flat roof and Dean was pushed to the floor. Later on they were led to the snooker room and around the table several times. Dean and Gemma were led outside to the back of the building near the youth club and garages. The spirit didn’t seem to like Dean (Maybe it was Tom) and at one point the circle attacked Dean and Fay.
Several people were very affected when in the Ballet room with shortness of breath, Michael saw orbs, mist and shadows and when he and Gemma were in there alone. Gemma saw a shadowy figure by the door. Michael behaved very strangely ( even more than normal! Lol ) and at one point turned to look at Gemma who says he looked nothing like Michael at all.


All in all, it was a very successful evening, some of the information we got from the board was doubtful in its content leaving us to believe someone was having a laugh at our expense, but there was too much activity and information given to be ignored.. We cannot wait for the return visit in May.