This page is dedicated to you.

We have some fabulous guests attending our events, who send us some really interesting evidence. We would like to share YOUR evidence. This page is for all your captures, be it on one of our events, or somewhere else.

If you would like one of your pictures to be displayed here, please send them to us at along with the photographers name, and a few details of the image. Please make sure the image belongs to you, or you have permission for it to be used. 


GreyFriars Cemetery Edinburgh lies the monumental tomb of George Bluidy Mackenzie. Its steeped in poltergeist history.

The image was taken through the bars of the doors, looking down at the barred steps leading down to the casket.

When looked back on, the image seems to show the face of what looks like a young child peering through the bars up.

No editing has taken place on the pictures.

image taken by Paul McNulty

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This series of images was taken by our guest Jason Yale on an investigation of Oswestry Memorial Hall.

He was alone walking around randomly taking pictures.

The image he took here was on thre first landing of the staircase, looking down towards the front entrance.

As you look at the first image you can see a shape in the top middle window. in the second image taken straight after, the shape seems to come down to floor level and surprisingly takes on the image of a person. 

The third image is a zoomed in version of the second, showing the shape.

Image 4 and 5 are zoomed right in and detailed up to enhance it. also i turned them black and white to try and make out a clearer image.

please open up the images and see what you think.

Thanks Jason


These images were taken at Pen Y Lan Hall in Ruabon during our last visit.

They were taken by a guest Vicky Gunn

The first image is purely to show the area the images were taken.

2nd image was taken up at the window above the arch. The window is to a room that the owner assures me is empty and not used for anything. 

when zoomed in on picture 3 you can make out what looks to be a figure standing looking out.  It is not apparent in the final picture. 

I have spoken to the owner and she tells me that the height of the window from the floor is too high for a figure to be stood at what looks to be waist height. 

Take a look and see what you think

Thanks Vicky.


Shrewsbury Prison has always given us an active event. Each time we attended brought new challenges.

These selection of images were sent to us by a guest Michael Swarbrick.

The images on the left were taken in the area of  C Wing or the VP Wing (vulnerable people).

Michael took the image Pic 2, whilst walking through the wing towards the hanging room. 

he sent it to me later after he looked at it closer and thought he could see something in the darkness.

I took the pic and lightened it up, and applied a filter that seems to define what was there better.

As you can see Michael was right, there seems to be a figure towards the end of the landing, and its looking straight at us. It also seems to be holding something. 

Picture number one was taken at a later time on a revisit. i was hoping to capture something similar. it does show the length of the landing better.

The second set of pictures are from the outside of A Wing

There seems to be something on the outside of the bars, sitting on the sill. Possibly some sort of animal?

Or maybe just a good case of pareidolia?

either way Thank you Mike for these.


Royal Court Theatre Bacup.

Interesting old theatre that gave us some great activity both during set up, and during the event.

These 2 sets of images are taken during the set up stage.

the first two  are taken down by the side steps to the stage.

We took the dog with us here to see if she could pick up on anything. She certainly did.... At this point she point blank refused to go back up onto the stage. we couldnt pull her, or get her to move anyway near. 

A photo was taken of this moment, and surprisingly something extra behind was captured. In the zoomed in copy, you can see the possible starting of an apparition in the end seat. Nevertheless the dog did not go up on the stage..

The next set of pictures were taken on a locked off camera. both images taken only seconds apart. the second shot shows something that looks remarkably like a figure within the rows of seats. not visible in the first.

The last figure is again at the front of the stage, this time to the right side. Be it dust, moisture, or insects, it still shows a pretty impressive "orb"